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  • CWZ Marine Small size Axial Flow Fan General:Marine small sized axial fans are suitable for ventilation of kitchen, lavatory, bulkhead, the public place and meeting room etc on the naval and merchant ships.

  • JCZ CZ Marine Axial Flow Fan CZ series marine axial fans are capable of blowing air, ocean air containing salt vapor, and corrosive air which contains oil vapor and a small quantity of acid steam generated by the natural evaporation of the batteries.They are suitable for cabin air ventilation as well as boiler ventilation, they are also applicable for other suitable places.

  • CLZ Marine High pressure Axial Flow Fan CLZ marine axial fan is designed primarily for ventilation of cabins, air supply or air exhaust. The delivered air can contain the salt fog or acid vapor from the battery. The temperature of the air can not exceed 50 centigrade degree.

  • DFBZ Wall Mount Square Axial Flow Fan DFBZ series fan is equipped with special fan motor of low noise and it is direct drive. The complete fan is made into square structure, good-looking appearance and reserve square hole on the wall and easy to install. The gravity type shutter is installed on the air outlet, in order to prevent back flow of outdoor rain and natural wind.

  • SF Marine Low-noise Axial Flow Fan The axial-flow fans of SF series is blessed with smooth streamline surface, stable operation, high effiency, low noise and less energy consumption and so on, and classed into the following four models according to use requirements:manifold pipeline type, stationary type, wall type and position type, as 12 models is accoring to impeller diameter.

  • CSZ Marine Water Driven Axial Flow Fan CSZ series fan have high anti-hazard classification, sound anti-wobble, anti-vibration and anti-impact performance. The fan simple structure. Low weight, simplicity of operation as well as its port-ability ( normally only one operator required ) ,driven direct by fire protection water, this ventilator depends on no other power with sealed bearings. It largely reduced the maintenance job. With a wide applicability, this type of ventilator can work at ideal for ducting flammable and explosive gases or steam as well as poisonous or other harmful gases.

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