Deck Machinery

Deck machinery is the ship's deck machinery, which is mechanical equipment installed on the ship's deck and is an important part of the ship. Deck machinery is the mechanical equipment and devices needed to ensure the normal navigation of the ship, the docking of the ship, the loading and unloading of goods, and the loading and unloading of passengers. Ship deck machinery can be divided into large deck machinery and small deck machinery. Mainly include steering gear, windlass and winch, fairlead, mooring pile (tethering pile), fairlead roller, etc.


Regulations for safe operation of deck machinery
Article 1: Before operation
1. Remove the canvas cover from the machine, check that there are no obstacles around, and check whether the joystick is in the neutral position to prevent the oil motor from turning suddenly when the hydraulic pump is started.
2. Check that the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank is normal.
3. The use of shore power to operate hydraulic deck machinery is prohibited.
4. After initial startup or after maintenance, check whether the steering of the hydraulic pump is consistent with the direction of the arrow on the pump housing. Do not reverse the hydraulic pump to avoid damage to the hydraulic pump. Check whether the pipeline is leaking, whether there is abnormal noise or vibration during pump operation.
5. After confirming that the above is normal, disengage the stopper from the deck mechanical reversing handle.
Article 2: In operation
1. When operating the bridge (if it has been inactive for a long time), turn the bypass valve on the remote control console to the end in the operating direction, and then connect the reversing valve stem of the deck machinery with the actuator of the remote control cylinder.
2. When manipulating the stranding machine, push the joystick to the stranding position. When twisting the anchor, loosen the chain brake and manual brake belt, and push the clutch handle to the position of the anchor.
3. Pay attention to the pressure gauge on the remote control box during operation, and stop the operation if it exceeds the rated pressure in the manual.
4. When the remote control handle is in the middle position, the hydraulic brake cylinder of the cable machine is in the braking position, and the red light of the remote control station is on, indicating that the braking system is working well.
Article 3: After the operation is over
1. Brake the windlass, close the chain stopper, open the clutch, put the control handle in the neutral position, disengage the actuator of the remote control cylinder, and then lock the handle with the stopper.
2. Place the remote control handle of the bridge in the neutral position, rotate the bypass valve to the BYPASS direction to the end, and turn off the power of the oil pump.
3. Cover the machine with a canvas cover.
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