Lever Hoist

Lever Hoist
Lever Hoist suppliers, manufacturers and factory in China - Shandong Luchen Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. We are high quality Lever Hoist made in China, with advanced craftsmanship. You can rest assured to buy our Lever Hoist, if you need our quotation, we can provide a price list.
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  • HSH Type Lever Hoist The Scope of Application: HSH series lever hoist is a kind of portable and versatile hand-operated loading and pulling appliance, which is capable of being applied in electricity, mines, ship buildings, construction sites, transports, postage and telecommunication for installing equipment, lifting goods, pulling mechanical parts, bulk strapping and fastening, tightening fitting of wires, assembling and welding etc. It has exceptional advantages particularly for pulling in every limited narrow places, in the upper air high above the ground and at any angles.

  • VT Type Lever Hoist Product Characteristic: Capacity from 0.25T to 6T, Minimum headroom required and very versatile in operation Automatic double-pawl braking system Chain guides provide smooth chain operation Roller bearing supported load sheaves for avoiding abrasion

Buy high quality and advanced technology Lever Hoist made in China from Lig. As one of the China Lever Hoist manufacturers, suppliers and factory, if you want to get quotation before buy our products, we can provide price list.
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