Other Standard Link Chain

Other Standard Link Chain
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  • Korean Standard Link Chain Korean standard link chain is a sort of link chain manufactured according to Korean standard. The chain is widely used in industry.There are two kinds of Korean standard link chain: short link and long link. We are able to supply Korean standard link chain made of various kinds of materials, such as Q235B, 20MnV, 25MnV... We can customize chain specifications in line with your requirements.

  • Norwegian Standard Link Chain Norwegian standard link chain is a kind of link chain manufactured to meet Norwegian Standard. Hi-Sea Marine is able to provide you ordinary strength, high strength and super high strength Norwegian Standard link chain. we can provide both standard and non-standard specifications. If you have any specific requirements, we are in a position to fulfill you. The chain provided are suitable for overhead lifting. Hot-galvanized, zinc plated, black painted and chromate finish are all available.

  • Grade L Chain Grade L chain is a kind of Australian standard chain, can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel. This chain can not be used forlifting purposes.

  • Australian Standard Link Chain The Australian standard link chain is a sort of welded steel chain. There are three types of the chain: short link chain, medium link chain and long link chain. The chain is produced in accordance with Australian Standard. The Australian standard link chain is of high quality. It is manufactured by Chinese top factories.

  • T8 High Strength Chain China High Strength G80 Lifting Chain: We are an experienced factory tosupply chains of Beautiful Shape, Strong Welding as follows:G80 high strength chain, hatch cover chain, fishing chain, mining chain, conveyor chain, USA standard chain, DIN series of chains, Australian standard chain and Norwegian standard chain. We also can make the nonstandard or special tensile chain according to clients' requirements, high quality and reasonable price.

  • Chinese Standard Welded Link Chain The welded link chains provided are manufactured to meet requirements of Chinese Standard. The Chinese standard welded link chains include Chinese standard round link mining chain, Chinese standard short link lifting chain, Chinese standard hatch cover chain, Chinese standard stainless steel link chain, Chinese standard fine tolerance hoist chain... Chinese standard welded link chain features high strength, good abrasion resistance, excellent reliability. The chains provided are produced by Chinese top plants with strict quality management system.

  • Grade 8 Lifting Chain (EN 818-2) Grade 8 lifting chain is a sort of short link welded chain manufactured to meet the European standard EN 818-2. The grade 8 lifting chain is also called grade 80 lifting chain. It is of medium tolerance for use in chain slings and for general lifting purposes.

  • European Standard Short Link Chain The European standard short link chain is a kind of welded short link chain used for lifting purposes. The chain meets European Standard EN 818. The chain is heat treated and complying with the general conditions of acceptance. We offer the range of nominal sizes of chain is from 4 mm to 45 mm. Besides the standard specifications, non-standard specifications also are available.

  • Japanese Standard Stainless Steel Chain Our Japanese standard stainless steel chain meets requirements of Japanese Industrial Standards. The available steel grades are SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316, SUS316L, etc. We offer you chains with diameter range from 1.5 mm to 28 mm. The chain is suitable for general purposes.

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