Marine Fairlead

Marine Fairlead
Marine Fairlead suppliers, manufacturers and factory in China - Shandong Luchen Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. We are high quality Marine Fairlead made in China, with advanced craftsmanship. You can rest assured to buy our Marine Fairlead, if you need our quotation, we can provide a price list.
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  • 360 Degree Swivel Fairleads Swivel fairlead, installed on the deck of ships, is one kind of fairlead device which is used for ship mooring. In the central body of the fairlead there is opening for mooring ropes or anchor chains. At the beginning and end of the fairlead,there are same size front panel and back panel. The shape of opening is approximately elliptical. The surface of opening is smooth to avoid the abrasion of mooring ropes or anchor chains. In order to increase the stiffness and strength, fairlead set respectively horizontal, vertical, diagonal ribs. With the compact structure and reasonal opening, swivel fairlead is applicable to not only ordinary ship towing or mooring, but also to ships sailing in the canal waterway. We provide multiple types swivel fairleads: 360° swivel anchor fairlead, vertical lead sheaves, horizontal lead sheave and so on. If you're interested in our swivel fairleads, please feel free to contact us.

  • Universal Fairlead Chain Wheel Universal Fairlead Chain Wheel: fairlead for guiding the cable through and change direction or limit its export position , and reduce the friction between the cable and the hull, main Roller fairlead , cleat Roller fairlead , open-type roller guide cable unit , 360 ° Swivel fairlead and so on.

  • China Single Roller Fairlead: The fairleads are widely used for small boats and different vessels, such as container vessel, tankers, bulk carriers, tug, dry cargo vessels, etc.

  • Features of DIN81906 Roller with Pedestal 1. Cleat fairlead with single roller;

  • Features of JIS F 2014-1987 Fairlead Rollers 1. JIS F 2014-1987 production standard;

  • CB436-83 Single Roller Cleat Fairlead 1. Production standard CB*436-83;

  • Cleat Fairlead with Single Roller Type A 1. Adopt CB*58-83 fairlead roller;

  • Features of CB*436-2000 Cleat Fairlead with Single Roller 1. Adopt GB/T10105-88 marine roller;

  • Swivel Achor Fairlead Swivel fairlead, installed on the deck of ships, is one kind of fairlead device which is used for ship mooring.

Buy high quality and advanced technology Marine Fairlead made in China from Lig. As one of the China Marine Fairlead manufacturers, suppliers and factory, if you want to get quotation before buy our products, we can provide price list.
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