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  • Hydraulic Folding Crane Foldable Knuckle Boom Cranes are reliable and effective cranes for general cargo handling and service onboard ships and offshore units.

  • Marine crane Offshore crane is designed especially for oil platform, platform supply vessel, barge etc. Based on the design consideration of API-2C, offshore cranes can be in the working condition of inboard lift, outboard lift and personnel lift.

  • Crane: 5T-18M Knuckle Boom Crane Main Technical Specifications 1、Working Load: 50kN 2、 Hoisting Height: 25m 3、 Hoisting Speed: 10m/min 4、 Slewing Speed: 0.5r/min 5、 Slewing Angle: 360° 6、 Working Radius: 1.8-8m 7、Time of Arm Change: 120s 8、Electric Motor

  • General Cargo Crane: 1. Taking landing working condition as design basis, marine​ crane is specially designed for various cargo ships. 2. The crane can be installed in the middle of ships or bow sides.

  • Hose Crane 1. Luffing time would be an average value when the cylinder stretch out and draw back. 2. Motor current should be calculated based on the three-phase AC 380V, 50Hz.

  • Electro Hydraulic Cargo Hose Crane The Electro-hydraulic crane is special equipment used on marine for lifting cargo hose,spare parts and other sundries.

  • Hand Crane Enjoy an affordable davit crane that’s as versatile as it is durable!

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