Stud Link Anchor Chain

Marine anchor chains are divided into two types - stud link anchor chain and studless link anchor chains. Compared with the studless link anchor chain, the stud link anchor chain has larger tensile strength, smaller deformation when being under stress and not easily get entangled when being piled up.

Stud Link Anchor Chain Product Detail

1. Type: Stud Link Anchor Chain 
2. Specification: Φ11mm~Φ162mm 
3. Grade: AM1~AM3 
4. Material: CM370, CM490,CM690,SUS304,SUS316
5. Certificate: CCS, ABS,LR, BV, NK, KR,DNV.GL,VR,RS, IRS etc. 
6. Surface: Self-colored, hot dip galvanized, painted black or as required , etc. 
7. Application: for various ships 

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