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  • Anchor plates consist of a steel plate with welded-on shear bolts and are used to attach steel components to concrete elements.


  • It should be noted that the length of anchor chain should not be calculated in meters, but in the most commonly used nodes in navigation. The length of each section of marine anchor chain is about 27.5 meters. It is necessary to explain how this unit came into being.


  • With the rise of the water transport industry and the development of the shipbuilding industry, the ship load has become larger and larger, and the transportation capacity has also been greatly improved, so the requirements for channel navigation have also been improved.


  • 1. Anchorage of steel buoys, ship berthing, quarantine anchorage, no navigation area, military exercise area, etc;


  • Everyone on board knows that a ship cannot stop without an anchor. It can be seen from this that the role of an anchor is so great that the anchor chain used to connect the anchor and the hull is even more important. Without an anchor chain, the ship cannot be connected to the hull, and the role of an anchor is lost. Sometimes the anchor chain between the ship and the ship gets entangled.


  • What are the arrangements of anchors in marine anchor chains? Let's have a look.


  • 1、 Coefficient of shackle of anchor chain accessories The number of times of the anchor chain accessory shackle coefficient refers to the deformation coefficient of the anchor chain accessory shackle and the breaking coefficient of the anchor chain accessory shackle to ensure the use of the anchor chain accessory shackle.


  • 1) Concentrated point arrangement, marine anchor chain is generally arranged under the column;


  • The length of marine anchor chain is measured in "knots". China stipulates that the standard length of each anchor chain is 27.5m. The British system countries usually take 15 tons as a knot, which is limited to 27.5m when converted into meters. Some take 25m and 20m as a section.