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  • Sea Catch Quick Release Hook Fendercare Marine supplies Sea Catch quick release hooks as a cost-effective, remote manual release mechanism, available for a range of applications. The Sea Catch quick release hook is an economically priced, compact, purpose-built range, designed specifically for remote, manual release under full load with minimal effort.

  • Swivels With Hook Jaw Eyes G80 heavy duty lifting swivel hook is also know as oilfield rotating hook, which is used with oilfield drilling machine. In the case of no-load, the self-loacking hook can rotate flexibly 360 degrees. Lubricating oil should be added before use to make sure the operation smooth。

  • Stainless Steel Lifting Hooks Stainless steel lifting hook is widely used with steel wire rope and chain in factories, mines, docks, warehouses, machinery processing, constraction site and so on. It has advantages of small volume, light weight and high strength. All the products have gone through overload detection, and we can provide the testing certificates.

  • Heavy Duty Crane Lifing Hooks Heavy duty crane lifting hook is connected with pulleys to hang on the wire rope of lifting machinery. It can be classified into single hook and double hooks according to the appearance, or foeged hooks and strapped hooks according to produced method. It is the most widely used tool when lifting cargos.

  • Crane Double Hook Blocks During the operation, hook is hit frequently, so all of them are manufactured from high quality carbon steel. It is one of the most common lifting tools in hoisting machinery. Single hook block is often used in the situation that the lifting weight is under 80 tons. While the crane double hook is suitable for the object with greater weight.

  • Nose Shaped Hoisting Hooks Nose shaped hoisting hook is drop forged from high quality low carbon alloy steel. It has advantages of high strength and high temperature resistance. We can provide it with sufficient supply, fast delivery time and complete specification.

  • China Single Hook DIN15401: Single Hook is a type of lifting hook for lifting applicance. Drop Forged with hose, please contact us for inquiry.

  • China Ramshorn Hooks DIN15402: Ramshorn Hooks are popularly used in the marine lifting industry, specially for heavy loadings. Two hooks design for the good load distribution, prevents lfting sling damage and chocking at the hooks.

  • 3 Sheave Crane Block Material: Alloy Steel WLL: 16Ton to 100Ton Fiited with cylindrical roller bearing, reeving guide and becket Painted in yellow with black stripes Sheave can be adjusted to other wire rope diamter.

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