Quick Release Hook

Quick Release Hook
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  • Quick Release Hook For Liferaft The release hook is used for rescue boat and life raft, made of stainless steel, is a special device via die casting, polishing, nickel plating processing, designing a special manual release with the insurance device. It is safe and easy to use.

  • Marine Towing Dock Multi-function Quick Release Towing Hooks Description Pelican hook is forged from the highest quality steel. It is widely used in a variety of shipping and rigging applications. Pelican hook can be incorporated into lashing apparatus such as containership ratchets and turnbuckles. Pelican hook can also be used as an integral part of a chain stopper, which is used to secure chain anchors to the deck of the vessel. It can be forged as an integral part of a threaded bolt to be used in a ratchet assembly.

  • Hammar Pelican hook ss for liferaft ​NOTES: Pelican type slip hook for manual release of Life Rafts Maximum working load 15kN.

  • Shackle Pelican Hook Clip Brand NEW Stainless steel pelican Hook. Frequently used in the marine / nautical industry the pelican hook is a piece of rigging hardware often used to secure loads such as Ships Anchors, Life Raft Canisters, Cargo Gear, Steel Chain or Rope and many other applications

  • Fendercare Marine supplies Sea Catch quick release hooks as a cost-effective, remote manual release mechanism, available for a range of applications. The Sea Catch quick release hook is an economically priced, compact, purpose-built range, designed specifically for remote, manual release under full load with minimal effort.

  • Quick Release Mooring Hook Quick release mooring hook can release the mooring cables quickly and safely in some emergency cases. It is installed on the dock and a new product to replace the traditional bollard. The quick release hook is easy to operate. It can be released by manually or remote controlled from the wheelhouse.

  • Quick Release Hook ​Purpose: Used as an element of the anchor chains and cables stopper. The device serves to protect the recoil of the chain while a vessel or a ship is on the way.

  • Buoy Type Quick Release Hook is a special opening quick release hook which is installed on the mooring buoy. It is a simple designed hook that is used to berth vessels to the buoy by running hawsers through the quick release hook. Buoy hooks must have slack line to release. It cannot release under full load. It is operated manually from a remote line handling vessel.

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