Marine Fan

Marine Fan
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  • CWZ Marine Small size Axial Flow Fan General:Marine small sized axial fans are suitable for ventilation of kitchen, lavatory, bulkhead, the public place and meeting room etc on the naval and merchant ships.

  • CEL CXL Small-size Marine Centrifugal Fan CWL(CXL)series marine small-size centrifugal fans is capable of blowing air, ocean air containing salt vapour, and corrosive air which contains oil vapour.It can be used for ventilation of kitchen, toilet, wardrobe, meeting room and each cabin, as well as other suitable place land chemical industry and metallurgy.

  • CSL Water drive Marine Centrifugal Fan CSL series centrifugal fans, this series enjoys high anti-explosive grades and is capable of directly removing or ducting flammable and explosive gaseous mixture or steam as well as those poisonous or harmful gases, being important system equipment for the oil tanker and chemical vessels.

  • JCZ CZ Marine Axial Flow Fan CZ series marine axial fans are capable of blowing air, ocean air containing salt vapor, and corrosive air which contains oil vapor and a small quantity of acid steam generated by the natural evaporation of the batteries.They are suitable for cabin air ventilation as well as boiler ventilation, they are also applicable for other suitable places.

  • DZ Low noise Explosion proof Axial Flow Fan The DZ series low noise axial-flow fan uses the wide leaf blade great chord length, the spatial warping, the inclined type foliate, obtains from the acoustic source study, using the slow-speed of revolution, the high pressure coefficient's design method achieves the project to need the amount of wind, the wind pressure request, simultaneously also causes the air blower to have the efficiency to be high, the noise is low, energy consumption province, movement steady characteristic.

  • WEXD Low noise Side wall Axial Flow Fan WEXD series fan consists of the advanced sweep forward blade and special fan motor of low noise outer rotor or inner rotor. It is direct drive. The design of square case is easy to install on the concrete wall, brick wall or light steel pressed wall panel.

  • CBZ Marine Explosion proof Axial Flow Fan CBZ series explosion-proof axial flow fans for marine use are designed and manufactured according to GB 11800-89(Marine Explosion-proof Axial Flow Fans), and general description and explosion-proof electrical equipment d of GB3836-83 Electrical apparatus for explosive atom-spheres and Regulations for the Construction and classification of Sea-going steel ships.

  • CZF Marine Exhaust Blower Axial Fan CZF series marine axial flow fans (the fan) are new-type and energy save, and low-noise fans. They are suitable for chamber ventilation and also applicable for other suitable places.

  • HTF Axial Flow Smoke Exhaust Fan HTF fire axial flow fan is usually equipped with double speed motor, in normal time, the motor runs at low speed for ventilation, once fire happens, the motor will be changed for high speed operating automatically through electric control system and remove the smoke rapidly within half an hour.

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