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Other Anchor
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  • China Quality Steel Plate Anchor: Material: Steel Plate

  • China Agricuture Anchor: Material: Steel Plate Weight: 50KGS-6000KGS Finish: Painting

  • Anchor Mouth Main Specification Size: 100mm

  • China Anchor Mouths: Anchor Mouths is made of casting steel, fabricated according to your drawings, customized service are available.

  • Steel Plate Welded Anchor 1. Easy dismantling for transport purposes. 2. Proven superior high holding power capacity. 3. Excellent efficiency (weight / holding power) 4. Open construction for smooth and good penetration in different kinds of soil 5. No rotation, which means no decrease of holding capacity and no dragging of the anchor

  • Marine Japan Anchor Marine Japan anchor has two types: Japan Stock Anchor and Japan Stockless Anchor. They’re used on inland ships and cargo ships and other types of vessels. All our anchors are approved by the Classification Societies. If your’re interested in our products,please feel free to contact us.

  • CASTING STEEL ANCHOR Hi-sea Marine is a professional manufacture, supplier & exporter of marine anchor. we only offer the good quality anchor and preferential price. We supply all marine anchors includinh Japan stockless anchor, hall anchor, spek anchor, AC-14 anchor, baldt anchor etc.. All our anchor can offer certificate of original.

  • Chain grapnel hooks are used for recovering an anchor and chains that have been detached from the buoy and have fallen to the seabed. The head eye of the grapnel is attached to the trawl cable and the tail eye may be attached to the trailing cable for the purpose of withdrawing the grapnel in the event that the flukes engage with an “immovable” object on the sea bed. Grapnel is designed with catch slots at the root of the flukes which will retain anchor chain up to 4 inches. Features of chain grapnel hook:

  • J Chain Chaser J chaser hook is used to retrieve an anchor from the seabed when the pennant is broken and the buoy drifted away. The chain chaser is well designed to avoid the damage to the wire and chain. It can handle anchors weighing 30tonnes and chains up to 4½ inches in diameter.

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