Chain Grapnel Hook

Chain Grapnel Hook
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  • J chaser hook is used to retrieve an anchor from the seabed when the pennant is broken and the buoy drifted away. The chain chaser is well designed to avoid the damage to the wire and chain. It can handle anchors weighing 30tonnes and chains up to 4½ inches in diameter.

  • Detachable Chain Chaser The type of detachable chaser can be assembled to the anchor chains of vessels in service and do not need to break and re-make the anchor chains. The single bolt withdrawal makes it quick to assemble or remove from the anchor chain. The material of detachable chain chasers combines the desired strength and corrosion resistance, which ensures that there is no damage to the anchor chain.

  • Permanent Chain Chaser Chain chaser is a tool for recovering embedded anchors deployed by the buoy and pennant method when the pennant has broken and the buoy drifted away. The material of chain chaser is not as hard as the material of the wire and the chain for the purpose of avoiding the damage to the chain and wire.

  • Permanent Wire Chain Chaser Permanent Wire Chaser provides a chasing system for drilling rigs equipped with wire rope mooring cables. The Rocker is made from an abrasion resistant alloy, which having a higher through-hardness.

  • J Lock Chaser Hook The J lock chaser is used to recover the embedded anchors and mooring lines from the seabed, especially deep-penetration twin shank anchors. J lock chaser’s unique design allows the chaser to be towed along the chain in one direction and then locks onto the chain and doesn’t slide any further. As the chaser has now locked, the chain can be pulled and any tension in the mooring line is directly transferred to the chaser itself.

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