High Holing Power Anchor

High Holing Power Anchor
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  • China AC-14 Stockless Anchor: AC-14 Stockelss Anchor is high holding power power(HHP) anchor, stockless type, weight is from 100kgs to 25000kgs.

  • Marine AC-14 anchor is stockless high holding power anchor that has wide anchor crown, thick and long flukes and longitudinal ribs. Ac-14 Hhp Anchor heavy weight and high holding power makes it good stability. It is commonly used as main anchor on large container ships, car carriers and supertankers.

  • HHP Pool Anchor is one type of stockless high holding power anchor. When HHP Pool Anchor is used as bow anchor for sailing, its weight can be lighter by 25% than standard weight. Pool anchor is divided into Pool-N type and Pool-TW type. Pool-N anchor is high holding power anchor. While the Pool-TW anchor is super high holding power anchor whose coefficient of holding power is 4 times higher than that of the ordinary stockless anchor.

  • Marine HHP Anchor Marine high holding power anchor has the 2 times more holding power than that of the common stockless anchor which as the same weight.

  • High Holding Power Balanced Anchor We have been a marine anchor producer and supploer since 1996, including stockless bower anchor, stock anchor, offshore anchors etc.. Our anchors have been approved by ABS, LR, BV, NK, DNV, GL, NK, KR, IRS, CCS Ceritificate. Good quality,Punctual shipment and Good service will make your business go smooth, we would be your reliable partner in China.

  • Marine AC-14 Anchor: The AC-14 anchor is one of the most versatile of the high holding power anchor. It is used both in shipping and in the aquaculture industry.

  • N Type Pool Balanced Anchor High Holding Power Balanced Anchor 1. Type: HHP Blanced Anchor 2. Material: Casting Steel 3. Nominal Weight: 60kg to 28875kg 4. Certificate: CCS,ABS,LR,GL,DNV,NK,BV,KR,RINA,RS etc.

  • China AC-14 SB HHP Anchor: AC-14 SB Type HHP Anchor Material: Casting Steel Weight: 75kgs-30000kgs Finish: Black Painted. ​

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