Anchor Chains

Anchor Chains
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  • China Chain Cable: Chain cable is used for shipbuilding, ship repair and replacement, all sizes can be supplied with Class Certificate like ABS, LR, BV, DNV, GL, RINA, NK,KR,RS, IRS and CCS.

  • China Ship Chain Cable: We supply all kinds of anchor chains, U2 Stud Link Anchor Chain, U3 Stud Link Anchor Chain and Open Link Anchor Chain, Kenter Shackle and End Shackle also supplied together.

  • Anchor Chain Cable Anchor chain cable is joined by many links. Due to the presence of stud in the middle of a link, anchor chain cable is divided into stud link chain and studless link chain. Anchor chains can be processed through the following methods: forging, casting and welding. Marine anchor chain consists of a number of “shackle” with the length of 25.0m to 27.5m. Every two shackles are connected by a link or shackle. Main Difference of Stud and Studless Link Chain The tensile strength of stud link chain is larger so that it has smaller deformation and the stud link chain is not easy to be entangled when being piled up.

  • Compared with the Brand New Anchor Chains, there is no doubt that it is cost effective to choose Used Anchor Chain. Second Hand Anchor Chain is suitable for occasions with low requirements such as load-bearing chain. Of course, the used anchor chain with better quality can also be used for gypsy wheel transmission.

  • We have produced Marine Anchor Chain since 1996, including stud link anchor chain, studless link anchor chain, mooring chain(R3,R3S,R4,R4S). Classification certificates of ABS, LR, BV, NK, DNV, KR, BV, CCS are avialable for our anchor chains and mooring chains. Meanwhile, mooring chains have been approved by API. With the spirit of supplying good quality products, punctual shipment and good service, we would be your reliable partner in China.

  • Supplying second-hand anchor chains, marine anchor chains, buoy anchor chains, mooring anchor chains 30mm ~ 120mm Our company is based in Jiangsu, facing the world, and is committed to the steady development of the international marine shipping machinery parts business.

Buy high quality and advanced technology Anchor Chains made in China from Lig. As one of the China Anchor Chains manufacturers, suppliers and factory, if you want to get quotation before buy our products, we can provide price list.
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