Manual Chain Hoist

Manual Chain Hoist
Manual Chain Hoist suppliers, manufacturers and factory in China - Shandong Luchen Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. We are high quality Manual Chain Hoist made in China, with advanced craftsmanship. You can rest assured to buy our Manual Chain Hoist, if you need our quotation, we can provide a price list.
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  • Low Headroon Manual Chain Hoist Low headroom manual chian hoist is a newly developed product of our company. Through specific design, it can rise the objects closest to the fixed point to realize the low-headroom combination of monorail trolley and manual block. It is especially suitable for equipment installation and maintenance in limited place. In addition, this product also has the advantages of light weight, small hand pull and cost saving.

  • Ultra-low Clearance Hand Chain Hoist The Scope of Application: The Ultra-Low Headroom Hoist is the ideal solution to meet your toughest clearance requirements for special applications. These are mostly used by heavy industries for various purposes. This low headroom, medium/heavy duty electric wire rope hoists are widely used in medium and bulk-duty operations.

  • Heavy Duty Chain Hoist The Scope of Application: Used for machine installation, cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading, etc. in industrial, agricultural construction, mining, etc., especially for open air and no power supply. This series of manual hoists can be used with monorails to form a hoisting transport trolley for monorail overhead transport or for manual single girder cranes and cantilever cranes.

  • Integrated Trolley Hand Chain Hoist Product Characteristic: All units of this series up to a capacity of 3000 kg are provided with single chain fall and the min headroom (Dim. A) has been further reduced. Ideal for applications with low ceilings and limited headroom.

  • Manual Chain Hoist with Trolley Product Characteristic: The hand chain block tends to be more favoured for applications where there are either long intervals between use or frequent changes of use, which calls for particular attention to be paid during the in-service inspections procedures to ensure that no significant damage or deterioration has occurred since last used.

  • Manual chain hoists is a device used for lifting or lowering a load by means of a drum or lift-wheel around which chain wraps. It is manually operated and uses chain as its lifting medium. The load is attached to the hoist by means of a lifting hook.

  • HSZ-T Type Chain Hoist HSZ-A Type Lifting Hand Chain Hoist for sale The HSZ series chain block is a portable lifting device easily operated by hand. It is suitable for use in factories, mines, farms, construction sites, wharves, docks and warehouses for in spallation of equipment, as well as for loading and unloading goods, it is especially advantageous for lifting where no power supply is available. The chain block can be attached to a trolley of any type as a traveling chain block .It is suitable to monorail overhead conveying system, hand travelling crane and jib crane.

Buy high quality and advanced technology Manual Chain Hoist made in China from Lig. As one of the China Manual Chain Hoist manufacturers, suppliers and factory, if you want to get quotation before buy our products, we can provide price list.
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