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  • Straight snap hook with safety screw is made by high carbon steel. And the size of it is from 5*50mm to 11*120mm. It could be widely used in camping equipment, equipments for fitness centers and playgrounds. Besides that, Special specification and marks can be made according to customers requirement.

  • Straight snap hook can be used to fast and effectively connect the protection. And the most important and convinent usage of it is carrying goods. Every procedure of it are controlled strictly to make sure the quality of hooks before delivery. We never allow bad goods flow to the maket and ensure to supply our custumers the high quality and security products.

  • 320 eye slip hook with latch is designed to use with G80 alloy chain and steel wire rope. It can be applied to shorten or hook long chain. And its structure of eye type make it can be used widely with omega links, connecting links and other lifting components in many circumstance.

  • Seguro De Cadena Tipo Gancho Pelicano Marine Towing Dock Multi-function Quick Release Towing Hooks Description Pelican hook is forged from the highest quality steel. It is widely used in a variety of shipping and rigging applications. Pelican hook can be incorporated into lashing apparatus such as containership ratchets and turnbuckles. Pelican hook can also be used as an integral part of a chain stopper, which is used to secure chain anchors to the deck of the vessel. It can be forged as an integral part of a threaded bolt to be used in a ratchet assembly.

  • Blake Bottle Screw Slip Product Specification Color BLACK Material CLASS U3 AND U4,EN 24 Diameter 17 MM TO 70 MM Function MARINE CHAIN STOPPER Hardness AS PER EN 24 MATERIAL Structure AS PER DRAWING Usage/Application ANCHOR CHAIN Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

  • J chaser hook is used to retrieve an anchor from the seabed when the pennant is broken and the buoy drifted away. The chain chaser is well designed to avoid the damage to the wire and chain. It can handle anchors weighing 30tonnes and chains up to 4½ inches in diameter.

  • Quick Release Hook For Liferaft The release hook is used for rescue boat and life raft, made of stainless steel, is a special device via die casting, polishing, nickel plating processing, designing a special manual release with the insurance device. It is safe and easy to use.

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