Drum Winch

Drum Winch

Drum Winch Perfect Anchoring System for Fishing Boat

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Product Description

Drum winch
Perfect Anchoring System for Fishing Boat
Heavy Duty Motor, High speed, Silent Operation With Bearing
Constructed from 316 marine grade stainless steel
Simply drive the boat to where you want to fish, push a button and the anchor is lowered quickly without bother.
You can lower and retrieve your anchor rope using our winches at a rate between 80 and 90 feet per minute!
The NYS drum winch is available in a range of capacitics, and there's one designed just to fit into your boat!

●The fully sealed gearbox is driven by a vertically mounted, permanent magnet motor
●Gearbox housings are marine grade alloy and drum is Stainless steel
●The speed of retrieval increases with each revolution.
●The rope and chain docs not twist and tangle causing the unit to malfunction.
●The motor can be mounted at 30, 45 and 90 degrees to suit the configuration of the anchor well
●To protect the motor, the circuit breaker will trip out if there is a power overload (for example if the anchor is stuck on the bottom).
●Easily disassembled for servicing
●Fit include hand-switch and solenoidquan, circuit breaker

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