Sailing Winch

Sailing Winch

The LIG sailing winches are designed for boatbuilders and sailors.

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Product Description

The LIG sailing winches are designed for boatbuilders and sailors. Winches feather mirror-polished drums with stainless steel tops,self-sailing jaws. And we ve completely covered
the winch tops so clothing or fingers don't get caught in moving parts .Availablein1 or 2 speed self-sailing styles.
A sailing winch could be serviced by the boat owner without any tools, and can either be fitted in the conventional manner, or without removing the drum, to speed up installation. We have included in some simple safety features the direction arrow which means all your crew load the line on (feed) the winch correctly that willmake sailing more fun.

●Simple servicing No tools are required to service the winches
●Gripping surface drum The drum 's gripping surface is shaped for each winch size and drum material and features ribs to maximize gripping power and greatly reduce line wear
●Whole Mirror-polished The whole winch mirror -polished, whole stainless steel
●Wave spring jaw and feeder arm The cast stainless steel feeder arm position can be adjusted to smothly feed the rope out of the jaws and into the cockpit.

●The turn leading from the drum must be passed across the stripper mechanism as shown, and placed correctly into the spring jaws.
●The winch must be mounted so that the loose sheet falls correctly into a secure stowage position. The position of the stripper arm can be adjusted to give correct sheet stripping
●There must be a minimum of three turns of rope on the drum..
●Release the rope from the jaw set with care as LOAD will be present - ease the line away with care, then remove from the drum.

●The jaws are designed to accept a range if rope diameters. The winch should only be used with ropes of the sizes recommended.

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