heavy duty pelican sliphook Manufacturers

heavy duty pelican sliphook made in China can be purchased at a suitable price. Lig is a famous heavy duty pelican sliphook manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory provide marine accessories with high quality and very competitive prices. Hope to become your company's partner! You can get price list and quotation here. Believe our advanced technology can meet your requirements, and look forward to you coming to buy our products.
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  • Heavy Duty Pelican Sliphook Pelican hookscan be incorporated into lashing apparatus such as containership ratchetsand turnbuckles. They can also form an integral part of chain stopper solution to secure chainanchors to the deck of the vessel. The hook can be forged as an integral part of a threaded boltto be used in a ratchet assembly.

Wholesale heavy duty pelican sliphook from us! Yangzhou LIG Marine Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of marine accessories. We can provide certificates of major classification societies, CCS, ABS, BV, DNV, GL, LR, NK, KR and other product certifications. As one of the heavy duty pelican sliphook manufacturers and suppliers in China, Lig and our branches are supplying thousands tons of high quality heavy duty pelican sliphook annually. In recent years, our factory has been pursuing more advanced technology and is committed to carrying forward the products made in China. We have prepared the price list and quotation, and sincerely look forward to you buy our products.