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stockless anchor made in China can be purchased at a suitable price. Lig is a famous stockless anchor manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory provide marine accessories with high quality and very competitive prices. Hope to become your company's partner! You can get price list and quotation here. Believe our advanced technology can meet your requirements, and look forward to you coming to buy our products.
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  • China AC-14 Stockless Anchor: AC-14 Stockelss Anchor is high holding power power(HHP) anchor, stockless type, weight is from 100kgs to 25000kgs.

  • Marine AC-14 anchor is stockless high holding power anchor that has wide anchor crown, thick and long flukes and longitudinal ribs. Ac-14 Hhp Anchor heavy weight and high holding power makes it good stability. It is commonly used as main anchor on large container ships, car carriers and supertankers.

  • U.S.N. Stockless Anchor We have been a marine anchor supplier since 1996, including Stockless Anchor, Stock Anchor, High Holding Power Anchor and Offshore Anchor. ABS, LR, BV, LR, DNV, GL, KR, IRS, CCS Certificate is avialable for our products. With the advantage of wide source, good quality and excellent service, we could be your reliable partner in China.

  • US Navy Stockless Anchor The U.S.N stockless anchor is the most commonly used conventional stockless anchor. It is mainly used for technical ships, rescue ships, used as positioning anchor.

  • 95 SPEK Anchor Spek anchor is one type of stockless anchors. Spek anchor is modified from the Hall anchor, whose core of anchor head is located in the center of the pin center line to the bottom. The structure of Spek anchor is characterized that there is anchor crown plate and reinforcing ribs at the anchor crown. Therefore, the anchor claw is easily to turn to the ground and has better stability. Moreover, when collecting the anchor, its flukes keep naturally upward and overturn immediately when touching the hull plate to avoid damaging the shell plating.

  • China Type M SPEK Anchor: Type M Spek Anchor M Type SPEK Anchor is the improved anchor with lower point of gravity based on hall anchor, Anchor fluke grounded easily, more stability, when SPEK Anchor haul up, anchor fluke will turn over against the hull, which would not make damage to ship hull.

  • Baldt Stockless Anchor Baldt Anchor Baldt anchor is a common stockless anchor, it is usually used as a bower anchor.

Wholesale stockless anchor from us! Yangzhou LIG Marine Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of marine accessories. We can provide certificates of major classification societies, CCS, ABS, BV, DNV, GL, LR, NK, KR and other product certifications. As one of the stockless anchor manufacturers and suppliers in China, Lig and our branches are supplying thousands tons of high quality stockless anchor annually. In recent years, our factory has been pursuing more advanced technology and is committed to carrying forward the products made in China. We have prepared the price list and quotation, and sincerely look forward to you buy our products.