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  • Tee Head Type Single Dock Bollard T head type dock bollard can handle 10 to 200 tonnes bollard capacity.

  • T Type Dock Bollards Features of T type Dock Bollard 1. Strong and durable design;

  • Features of T type Dock Bollard 1. Strong and durable design;

  • T head Bollard T-head bollard can handle higher line load angles than single bitt and kidney shaped bollards. It is used in various shipyards,docks and marine applications all over the America and Europe seaboards. Except T-head bollard, we also supply other types of marine security bollards: single bitt bollard, double bitt bollard, staghorn shaped bollard, R type bollard, kidney shaped bollard,other standard bollards. Customized products according to customer’s drawings are allowed as well. For more specific information, please email us.

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